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Come on peoples you need to send some!!!

Space Balls The Movie

Have you ever heard about Space Balls? Well, this space comedy is an imatation of Star Wars! You got to check it out!

First off,

Well it's Dark Helmet himslef!

And heres Dark Helmet's crew while " Combing the Desert " in search for the princess! lolz

P.S. I think the took it a little to literly! lolz

We also have an interveiw with Barf the Mog and his best pal!


Here's a song for Barney haters everywhere!

I love you, you love me! Let's go kill Barney! With a two-by-for and hit him with a door! No more purple dinosaur!

New Members

Native Catz hasn't really goten much of a start since it's just brand new but I must say, I promise it will start up a bit soon! Anyways, in Native Catz, there's a Native Catz Art Wall for Artists who draw catz ( there is more information down by the post)plus there's Cat Of the Month, which will be for now the Drawings of Catz which will be judged to each month but not always on the same day.After awhile, I hope Native Catz will have Cat of the Month be for catz that you will probably customize in the future! :) I hope that once you join Native Catz, your artistic touch and your CatLoving Heart feel happy and at peace!

If there's any questions or comments, contact me at or leave a comment below.
LuckyCat, the owner of Native Catz


If you have an artistic touch, and you want to show it off, then copy it on to your computer, and send it to Make sure to send it with your name, age, cats name, and picture to see it put up on the Native Catz Art Wall (NCAW)! For more information, contact me, LuckyCat, at P.S. If you don't see your cat on the wall within a month, please contact me and put in the message box, " For LuckyCat ".

Let's Get Running!

This week, Native Catz is going to start up! In other words, we will have to work together to make this website work. It will take a while to start up, but in the end I think this website will be a success!

The Owner, LuckyCat

Cat Of The Month

This month, I'm hoping to get hand drawn pictures! The owner of Native Catz, LuckyCat